Harman Title Cash doesn’t require applicants to have good or even excellent credit for loan approval. Loans aren't solely depedent on credit, but are secured with the title to your vehicle. If you need cash now, own a vehicle and have a car title, you could be approved for fast cash today.

Dependable Customer Service

All of our representatives are highly trained and ready to help you with any of your financial needs. Title loans Grand Prairie are available seven days a week. We offer several convenient loan center locations in Grand Prairie where you can easily apply, ask questions, meet with a loan representative or pickup you loan funds.

Upfront Title Loan Estimates

Harman Title Cash provides an upfront loan estimate within hours of applying as a courtesy free of charge. We make bad credit loans every day of the week.

Spending Payouts Your Way

There is no doubt, many customers feel self-conscious when asked why they want a loan and how they’ll use the money. We won’t put you through an embarrassing situation. If you need to make car repairs, pay for new plumbing or catch up on old bills, it’s your choice.

Qualifying With Income

It only makes sense that you must have some sort of income in order to repay a loan. However, we grant loans for folks from all different backgrounds and income levels. Yes of course, you may get a larger loan offer if you have a higher income, but even those folks working for minimum wage or part-time jobs can still get a loan.

The Application Process for Car Title Loans

What Will I Need to Apply?

To apply for title loans Grand Prairie, applicants must be at least 18 or older. You’ll need to provide us with a state identification card or your driver’s license. Make sure you have a vehicle for collateral, which is in working condition and paid in full. You will also need to locate your car title, and you should check to see that it lists you as the legal car owner. Titles shouldn’t list any lien holders against your vehicle.

Completing Applications for Title Loans

You’ll be happy to learn that applications are free of charge. The application process begins by submitting a small amount of information about the vehicle offered as collateral and your personal contact information. It may take all of five minutes to fill in an application and submit the form.

Immediately afterwards, each applicant receives a personalized loan estimate, so you’ll know how much money you could be approved for. If the offer proves useful for your financial situation, we encourage you to continue the loan process to speak with a loan representative. To fill out an application, you’ll need to fill out the following information:

  • Required vehicle information includes the age, model, make, body style and a mileage estimate
  • Personal information includes your full name, home zip code and a telephone number where we can discuss the loan terms

How Our Car Title Loan Process Works

Convenient Applications

You are free to apply using our online application, apply with a representative on the phone or stop by one of our convenient loan center branches in the Grand Prairie area.

Completing Your Loan Consultation

At Harman Title Cash, we make the extra effort to answer your questions and explain our loan process, so you’ll understand your financial responsibilities. You’ll receive a call from a loan representative who will work with you from the start to the finish of the loan process.

During the consultation, you may be asked a number of questions about your current monthly income. We always offer the largest loan amounts possible, but we also need to be assured that you can meet the monthly payments based on your income.

To make payments more affordable, we’ll help you to find the best loan terms for repaying the loan. We can make payments more affordable by offering a longer repayment period with smaller payments. You can choose from a number of repayment plans, or we can draw up a plan to match your budget needs.

Finalizing Your Agreement

The state of Texas requires title lenders to abide by title loan regulations to ensure borrowers understand their financial obligations. To meet these standards, contracts for title loans Grand Prairie must contain important terms of the loan such as:

  • Applicable loan fees
  • Minimum payment amounts
  • The total cost of your loan
  • The interest rate on the loan
  • The cost of the interest to the borrower
  • Your repayment plan for the loan

Terms Are Regulated

Because you are offering your vehicle as collateral for the loan, you should read through your agreement carefully and ask questions.

After signing your loan agreement at a loan center store, you’ll also be required to turn over your paper car title to secure the loan, and you may collect your loan funds. At this time, Harman Title Cash places a lien against your vehicle temporarily to secure the loan. Liens are removed when loans are paid in full. Titles are returned to customers.

Title Loans Grand Prairie is the perfect solution for folks needing cash today!

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